Docker Shell Pattern

Don't let Docker complicate your development environment

Docker Docker Docker I’ve been using Docker for many years now. During this time I’ve noticed that I can make life a little difficult for my self … and, undoubtedly, everyone else around me. For a brief moment, let me discuss my Docker journey in a few words: My Docker Journey Phase: Ignorance What is this thing? Why do I need another Vagrant? Phase: Naivety Ooooooh, it’s like apt; I can “install” and run Elasticsearch with a single command [Read More]

Introducing Weave for Elixir

What is Weave? Weave is a library for projects written in Elixir that need Just-in-Time (JIT) configuration. This is particularly important if you’re producing an artifact (Example: Docker Image) that will be deployed to multiple environments; where configuration is different for each. Side-note: If you’ve not before, you should read the 12-Factor Manifesto Why Weave? Elixir already provides a means to access environment variables, this is true. However, if you put System. [Read More]

Amazon's Elastic File System: Burst Credits

Act I. Disaster Strikes It was a regular Sunday afternoon. I’d spent the morning working on some open-source projects, before I decided to commit some time to my side project. I fired open a new tab and typed in the URI for our self-hosted GitLab instance … Cannot Connect [Read More]

The Mindful Developer: Blending Digital & Physical

Utilising Notebooks & Computers for Productivity Bliss

This post is the first in a series, “The Mindful Developer”. Can’t be bothered waiting for the other instalments? My slides from MidwestPHP 2017 might be better suited. Blending Digital & Physical Being a computer programmer, you’d assume that I often reach for a keyboard before a pen and paper … that’s not necessarily the case. In this article, I will explain how I use a combination of physical and digital tools to keep my life organised. [Read More]

Hello, world!

Welcome to the new

Hello, world!

Welcome to my new website. I’ve opted to start publishing my articles on my own website, rather than Medium, and will be publishing new articles here only.

Until the next one, thanks for stopping by. David